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A Tour of the Innovation Hub at Research Park

Texas Tech University opened its Innovation Hub at the Research Park building in August 2015. One…two…three… (cheers) The 40,000 square foot, LEED-certified building is a premiere facility designed to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurialism at Texas Tech and support the surrounding community through a connection with the university. The Innovation Hub …

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The Ethics and Governance of AI Course: Class 5, April 3, 2018

So we have a guest today, runs Scalable Cooperation here at the media laboratories. You’ve seen some of his slides in my presentation already. But, we’ll let him present on autonomous vehicles, the Moore machine and some work that he’s doing on labor. Then we’ll roll into a conversation and …

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2017 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: De-Extinction

>>NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON: Thank you all for coming to our— Is it our 17th or 18th Annual Isaac Asimov Memorial Panel Debate? For all previous years we have been doing this, we have focused on the universe. Astrophysics. My particular specialty. This will be the first year where we break …

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Fed Decision Could Bode Well for Tech Shares

good morning at Scott garlis at Stansbury research today is Wednesday June the 14th mister morning newswire markets are bid up slightly this morning up about one to two points in the SP it’s all about technology shares rallying overseas again all eyes are going to be on the Fed …

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Samsung aims to run 5 international AI centers

To prepare for the fourth industrial revolution, Samsung Electronics is opening its artificial intellegence centers in various international locations. This shows the company’s plan to focus on AI software and services in the future. Roonhee Ko explains further. Samsung Electronics has revealed what it hopes will be a new growth …

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Clutch.AI: Zero Code Machine Learning Workbench

Do you think Machine Learning can help your business grow? Everything from Healthcare and Agriculture to TVs and Smartphones is getting transformed with the advent of Artificial Intelligence. But is it just the flavor of the month? How can machine learning empower you and me? Clutch.ai provides the most powerful …

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