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Japanese Katana VS European Longsword – Samurai sword VS Knight Broadsword

Around the 10th century they discovered that controlled reheating of steel and rapid cooling and water makes it even stronger this new tempered steel meant longer and sharper blades so who was the genius who figured all this out to say no one really knows tempering techniques sort of just popped up over the centuries separated by thousands of miles to legendary swords were born of this new technology around the same time the European longsword and the Japanese samurai sword or katana 15th century Japanese katana warrior the samurai blade 36 inches the Japanese katana is a two-handed weapon with a single-edged blade and a stabbing point it’s signature curved blade allowed the samurai to draw the katana and cut in a single move and martial arts expert Bob Goodwin is here to tell me how the samurai used this blade in combat what we have is a cutting weapon one cut one killed because it’s not about standing there bashing swords together it’s about developing the footwork to where you can come around to an angle and avoid something coming in while cutting at the same time back in the day they used to test the blade on the corpses of convicts but I figured that wouldn’t go down too well today now hacking at cabbages and coconuts and kind of fun it was a pure slice but how about something with a bit more substance like a solid block of ice hi mama just like splitting logs with a nap of the Japanese were perfecting their single edged weapon in Europe they had their own two edge approach 15th century long swords warrior the European Knight played 40 to 50 inches long longswords have cruciform Hills providing room for two hands they often weighed as much as four and a half pounds with a straight double-edged blade nearly four feet long the really fine weapons of that era were balanced to where you could use it one-handed because again you may have a shield in the other hand or another weapon every part of the longsword was used for combat the pommel for pummeling the broad blade for cutting and his armor improved the blades became narrower and point here for thrusting or you can use it both hands if you want to really want to cleave through something you really want to take a swing it really black them yeah yeah and it’s nice and long I like that you don’t have to get too close long swords were especially good for thrusting at an armored Knights vulnerable points but these double edges created plenty of slashing mayhem as well properly sliced and diced okay we know what we’re gonna have for lunch yeah there’s some juice left in there all we need is some ice okay the katana slice through the ice pretty nice now the long sword slashing the ice for the long sword is like hitting a brick that guy only managed to shave it a little totally different animal that was the katana definitely has the edge as an icebreaker but nobody goes to war against IceCube what about the kind of leather armor worn by your average foot soldier we saw how leather armor stood up to room and Gladius and iron sword well now it’s time for the heavyweight division long sword against katana we broke some serious ribs in there buddy okay well let’s try the katana let’s see what it does with its diagonal slash called the doger II the katana outclasses the longsword in the leather armor round well it’s no question about it he just lost his arm his heart some of his intestines left but that did take a big nice hack out of that one two different weapons from the far flung corners of the world both prized by the elite warriors of their coach both were the cuttin edge of their respective armies in bloody battle and both faced opponents in medal arm so which is the better can opener not a real classy can’t open it did do some damage you did what it’s supposed to do the longsword packed a punch and made a small hole but other than that not much impact on the arm let’s get around the other side and try the samurai so yes sir we got a lot more penetration yes as we did and we want a good half inch in okay yes so there we have it this samurai sword beats out the long sword again side by side you can see the shorter steel blade of the katana doesn’t flex as much as the long sword and penetrates deeper through the armor and it’s a slashing weapon the katana is a work of art in my book the katana beats a longsword

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