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Reverse Engineering in Solid Edge ST10

Solidedge customer Bernina international AG has been producing world-class sewing and embroidery machines for over a hundred and twenty years their design and manufacturing teams thrive on innovation and precision and Solid Edge continues to meet their needs through next generation modeling tools here will feature the reverse engineering capabilities in Solid Edge by importing a control arm scan from a vintage Bernina machine we want to use this in driving the design of a modern yet retro sewing machine chassis since 3d scan data is made of a mesh of facets or a collection of emphasized triangles analytical dierent features created and traditional 3d CAD software are incompatible yet Solid Edge delivers tools that simplify the handling of facet models and speed the preparation for downstream manufacturing reverse engineering tools help to clean up and add some level of precision by removing sections of the mesh smoothing facet shapes and filling holes regions within the mesh can be identified as planar cylindrical spherical and other shapes which can see creation of analytical surfaces now we’re building bereft surfaces on top of the facet body without tedious tracing and reconstruction and now solid eight incorporates Siemens convergent modeling technology which allows traditional be rent features to be constructed on faceted mesh bodies without a time-consuming conversion watch as we add a whole and synchronous cut out to this mesh body flexible modeling made powerful solid edge shaping the future of product development

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