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SWING Connect Reverse EVO

Hello Together. Today I would like to present you our new harness – the Connect Reverse Evo. It is based on the probably most sold reversible harness in the world. We have listened to our customers, we have listened to the pilots, we have kept the proven and well tested and improved everything else. The harness is now about quarter of a kg lighter. It has an all new geometry, all new seat. It has an airflow-independent airbag. We kept the Alpine Back carrying system for less felt kg in backpack mode.

When you go on your hiking tours, when you do your fly and hike trips, your vol-bivouac, even mountaineering expeditions. All straps are easily adjusted and marked with default positions. You can adjust the shoulder straps, you can adjust the inclination of the back, and you can adjust the inclination of the seatboard. It features a stable plastic composite seatboard and for additional safety, also for left-handers, you can get this harness also as a left-hander version. We are showing here the right-hander version. But if you prefer to pull with your left hand, you can have it. You can install the Deuter hydration system very easily. The harness is prepared for it. And it also features two big pockets on the sides. Made from mesh, easily accessible with a loop to protect your precious belongings. On the other side we have another pocket that is closed with a zipper. So your car key, your mobile phone, anything you really, really don’t want to lose in flight, you put in this pocket. Talking about materials: we have carefully selected the materials we used.

A smart mix of very light-weight but still durable Cordura and nylon materials. So that you can enjoy your harness and also the backpack for many years. For maximum comfort we have added a padded back with mesh. So even if you get low and sweaty it doesn’t start sticking. Maximum comfort also for long flights. Talking about the backpack: you have a pretty high volume, which you can see also here in the back when it’s reversed. It has many advantages. You have additional, very nice back protection. But at the same time you have a lot of space for all your gear that you can use or will need during your bivouac or hike and fly tours. It’s easy to fit a sleeping bag in here. Your camping gear. Whatever you decide you want to take with you. The harness features really nice and light-weight buckles with an anti-fallout-system that makes sure you cannot close the chest strap without closing at least one leg strap.

You can see we have used really nice and thin webbing. It is load tested by the DHV. And saves some weight. Now I present you our Velcro-free canal for the rescue bridle. It works like this. You pull the rescue. The canal opens. You’re hanging on the rescue. It features light-weight aluminum carabiners and free running shoulder straps with elastic rubber for optimum freedom of movement and comfort. The top buckles are used to adjust the decline of the back rest.

Those two. And the lower two buckles are to adjust the incline of the seat plate. All webbings are marked with recommended default positions. They will never change during flight. In the top pocket you can put the hydration system. Attach it by a Velcro, attach it to the hose and some other smaller and lighter things. We have an emergency whistle here. By blowing in here it will produce a shrieking sound. The nice thing about this harness is that we have kept a lot of space in the back, too.

For all your bivouac gear maybe. Like your mattress, or your stove, or landing beer even your sleeping bag. Or another sleeping bag. I will show you now how to best load all the stuff back in here without influencing your flight position. Okay. The sleeping bag has already disappeared. No problem to stuff this space with something light. If you have more heavy things, like for example your tent, then use the compression straps from the backpack mode. Maybe even the shoulder straps and chest straps or the Vari Flex hip belt system to make sure the heavy things are attached close to your back and don’t move around during flight. Your walking poles can remain where they would be in backpack mode. No problem. Just make sure you protect your tips. So this is what the harness looks like in backpack mode.

You can see from our cooperation with Deuter the Alpine back carrying system, which is reinforced with two aluminum rods for maximum carrying comfort. I will show you around with the additional features that we have step by step. Backpack mode, chest strap: Also with a whistle. Turning it further, you can see here the compression straps and a mesh pocket. Going further around you have another pocket here and more compression straps also maybe to attach things in here. Going further. The attachment points for your walking sticks. More compression straps. And another pocket. So we offer two accessories for free. They come with the harness. The Vari Flex hip belt. And your little handbag. So you simply feed it through here. Like this. Make sure you can read the “Vari Flex”, so you don’t install it upside down. Also really important for good weight distribution is that you feed this webbing through this buckle. And you do the same on this side.

So the top bag features another big compartment. Clip on here and close it like this. Release and close. Close it. Tighten everything. The axis-strap can be fixed here and here. How to adjust all the straps, especially those up here, those here and the Vari Flex system is best looked up on the Deuter website. So we’re loading our harness step by step. What we need for our bivouac tours is a map. Or poles. A camera. Or maybe more. Of course water when we walk up. It is all prepared by Deuter from Deuter. And a beer when we arrive or when we land. A further nice feature that many people don’t notice are little loops that we have installed so you can put additional gear under the whole thing. We have external side pockets. You can attach them here on the sides. And this is what it looks like with the rain cover. This is the transport cover. It’s made from more robust material.

It’s also spacier, so you can put even more things in there. It has an additional pocket. But still it is possible to carry it around without taking it off like the rain cover. And your gear is well protected for your airplane trip. So I’m outta here for my hike and fly. You check out the Reverse EVO. Fly and Like it. See Ya. .

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