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The Ethics and Governance of AI Course: Class 5, April 3, 2018

So we have a guest today, runs Scalable Cooperation here at the media laboratories. You’ve seen some of his slides in my presentation already. But, we’ll let him present on autonomous vehicles, the Moore machine and some work that he’s doing on labor. Then we’ll roll into a conversation and …

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Clutch.AI: Zero Code Machine Learning Workbench

Do you think Machine Learning can help your business grow? Everything from Healthcare and Agriculture to TVs and Smartphones is getting transformed with the advent of Artificial Intelligence. But is it just the flavor of the month? How can machine learning empower you and me? Clutch.ai provides the most powerful …

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AI Governance Landscape

In my previous career, I worked in global poverty eradication, mostly doing field work. This meant working on projects all around the world, trying to find a place where I felt I could do the most good and have the largest impact. A little over three years ago, while I …

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The Future of Artificial Intelligence: Robots and Beyond

ALVING: Good afternoon and welcome to the Council on Foreign Relations’ discussion on the future of artificial intelligence, robots and beyond. I’m Amy Alving, and I’ll be your moderator for today. We have a very distinguished panel here, and in your information, you have a detailed bio on everybody on …

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Regulating Artificial Intelligence: How to Control the Unexplainable

SAMUEL L. VOICHENBOUM: Thanks everybody for coming. This is really exciting– a really exciting program. It’s being sponsored by the Graham School and three of our master’s programs. We have a master in biomedical informatics, a master in data analytics, and a master in threat and response management. And these …

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Are We Ready for Artificial Intelligence? – VisualPolitik EN

Many of you may have experienced doubts about certain future technological advancements. Don’t deny it. A fear of technology, of artificial intelligence, of autonomous cars, of factories without workers, of smart robots. The panic of our jobs being taken away, of a few gaining power at the expense of others, …

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