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Digital Audio Tape: The one DAT got away

Digital audiotape D.A.T. or DAT as it’s more commonly referred to was brought to the market by Sony in 1987 with the intention of replacing Phillips aging compact cassettes which have been available for almost 25 years at that point however despite Sony and their partners releasing a whole range …

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The Truth About Wireless Charging

This episode of Real Engineering is brought to you by Brilliant.org: a problem solving website that helps you think like an engineer. There is over four billion mobile phone users in the world, a figure that is expected to grow to five billion by the end of the decade. We’ve …

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How China Controls the Internet

A big thanks to Dashlane for making this exploration possible. Keep your online accounts and passwords secure with Dashlane.com/theexploration and get ten percent off your first year of Premium. You’re in china and you want to circumvent the internet firewall. As you browse the web from site to site, you …

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